beerI guess people know how easily influenced I am. Tori said, “you should vlog that.” I popped the top and thought, OKAYYY!

I’ve speeded up the video one and a half times because, due to the extemporaneous nature of my expounding, I was speaking quite slowly and deliberately. Magnifying the speed takes up less of your time and it makes me giggle, and maybe you, too. So it’s a win all around.

It also disguises how tight my Minnesota vowels are. Listen to how I say growler. Or, grohhler, apparently. It’s like I’m Canadian, or from Fargo or something, eh? And beer. I say that really tightly, too. But hopefully you won’t be able to hear my northern accent. Really, my whole mouth is tense when I speak, it seems.

Anyway, I may regret posting this but I also like to have fun, and I like to think I don’t take myself too seriously.

Video blog: drinking a growler from Kelly Doudna on Vimeo.

Update: The trouble I was having with the originally-posted version of the video was because I rotated the upside down segment to be right side up in iMovie 09 and the audio didn’t keep up. So I have undone that action and it has solved the problem. I should upgrade to iMovie 11.

Also, watch Tori’s video response to my video, link is in her comment below.