Rear view (I am a mushroom-head)

November 18, 2009


Do you ever wonder what you could have done differently? I do. Which is not to say I’m living in the past or that I’m a pessimist, because I’m not. I’m very positive. Oh, for sure, I have my downer moods (about every 28 days, if you know what I mean), but in general, I’m 98% a glass-half-full kind of person.

The big thing I know I could have done differently is to not have bought my condo. I’ve said before that if a decision needs to be made, I’ll make it. I might have made that decision a bit too hastily. I don’t think I have commitment issues, but maybe I do. I don’t like being pinned down with regard to anything. Maybe buying my condo wasn’t the best decision ever, because now I’m stuck with it. I don’t like being stuck with stuff.

No, I look upon each “mistake” as an opportunity to move forward. I have to. It was a mistake to buy this condo, but because I did, my parents were very generous to me with some of their inheritance money when my grandmother died, and now I have equity in the place that will allow me to financially proceed with other things. Plus, I actually feel like an adult now that I have a mortgage.

It was a mistake to twice take a calculus class, but failing twice showed me the road that allowed me to succeed with my career. 

There were my early mistakes with relationships that made me into the cynical curmudgeon that I am, but … oh, wait.

Nah, I try to keep moving forward, however slowly. Sometimes it’s hard to tell that I am. Just ask the Shubert Theater about that; however, tomorrow one of us is having a groundbreaking for renovations and one of us isn’t.

I don’t pay a lot of attention to the past. I certainly should pay more attention to the future.

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