Shout out to TweakToday

November 23, 2009


How do I come up with the scintillating topics for my blog, you may wonder. It’s easy. Whatever the mission is on, that’s what I write about. The cat’s out of the bag. That’s cheating, some of you may think. It’s true that I don’t invent my own topics, and that might seem easy. On the other hand, I don’t invent my own topics and have to find some way to make the TweakToday mission into a little story about me. Not always so easy. But it always makes me think, and it has been a way to get me back into writing. Who doesn’t want to be a writer?

I had been keeping up with writing every day very well, until my crazy work schedule caught up with me last week. I had to put my health before my blog and skip a couple of nights, or risk slumping into unconsciousness at my desk only to wake up with lifelong back problems. For those of you who are already going through withdrawal after my three-day absence, I’ll give you a quick little fix.

Nov. 19: Take a picture of your bedroom

My bedroom is a mess. I spend the least time there—well, the least waking time—so it is a repository for stuff I never unpacked four years ago and clothing that never made it into a drawer or a closet. There are three large, miscellaneous items hung on the walls. None of it goes with anything else.

Nov. 20: Take something apart

I was looking forward to writing on this subject, actually, because I planned to take an in-depth look at all the things that are wrong with my personality. But, oh well, that story will have to go untold for now. The photo for this day was of the pieces of my little coffee maker at the office. I have my own pot because in the 14 years that I’ve worked there, I remain the only person who drinks decaffeinated coffee. Not only that, but I drink decaf in the morning when I get there and regular in the afternoon some time after lunch. That’s when I find the pick-me-up more useful. In the morning I have presumably just had a good night’s sleep and shouldn’t be tired. It makes sense to me.

Nov. 21: Spell a word with nearby objects

SOCKS. Why were my socks nearby so that I could spell socks with them? Because I hate doing laundry. And the only thing I hate more than laundry (in the context of household chores) is folding laundry. So the socks and underwear usually get used from the laundry basket that never made it off the top of my dryer. My washer and dryer are in the middle of my place because they are portable. I roll my washer up to the kitchen sink and attach it temporarily to that faucet. The only thing that makes doing laundry more tolerable is that I no longer have to leave my apartment to do it and go through the five doors to get to the laundry room. Well, maybe technically three doors, as two of them are double.

Nov. 22: Take a picture of the main screen of your fave website

And that brings us to today. TweakToday is currently my favorite because I get to be creative photographically (usually), and because it provides this inspiration, which I hope will in some way be useful down the road. The screen shot is the page that was the topic of my first entry back on November 1.

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