Hill of beans

November 29, 2009


If my mom didn???t like it, she didn???t make it to eat, and vice versa. And we had an eat-everything-on-your-plate policy, in which I had no say. Consequently, I wasted hours of my young life at the dinner table choking down the last few bites of chicken liver or the last two canned green beans.

That???s also the reason why I never experienced the euphoria of tasting steamed asparagus with a little bit of butter until I was 30. I asked my mom why she never made it and she said because she didn???t like the texture. One stringy piece and it was all ruined for her. She has a thing about food textures. We didn???t have peas either, except the ones that came in the frozen pot pies. I was allowed to pick those out and leave them.

Beans were another thing my mom just didn???t like so we never had. Even in chili, there wasn???t a kidney bean to be found. Again, I was 30 before I embraced beans as a food group. I???m very glad I did. I could easily subsist on beans, cheese, and sauce. The mind boggles at all the variations.

Another thing I???m glad I did was give myself permission not to eat everything if I don???t want to. That was very liberating. I also haven???t eaten a chicken liver for 30 years.

One Response to “Hill of beans”

  1. Zoe Says:

    Coming from a family of 8 children (me being 7th in line) there was always an "eat it or starve" rule in place. There was also a "mass produced, nothing new" rule. I introduced my (7 year older) sister to asparagus 3 years ago. It’s one of her 49er tailgate items and the crowds go wild for it. Food. Yum.

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