A funny thing happened because of the forum

December 11, 2009


An interesting transformation is taking place. I have noticed in the last week or so that I am watching significantly less television. I have had that goal for a long, long time but didn’t really take it seriously. I don’t mind the sitting around part of staring at the tube, but then suddenly a whole Saturday will have passed without accomplishing anything of consequence or even inconsequence, and I do mind that. Not doing anything contributes to my general feeling of lack of accomplishment in the big picture of my life.

Participating in Tweak Today seems to be changing that. At first, it was just the taking of a photo everyday. A lot of the time, you don’t really have to think too hard about the assignment, but sometimes you have a great opportunity to be truly creative. I was already feeling good about that little spark.

Then, inspired by Emily’s blogwriting, I realized that I could use the Tweak Today mission as the inspiration for my own daily missive.

And so, since November 1, I have been doing a pretty darned good job keeping up with it. As a consequence, when I come home after work I don’t turn on the television. No, instead I grab my iBook and write the day’s entry. In fact, it’s gotten to the point where I set a timer for myself because I’m spending too much time writing.

Things seem to be snowballing. Last weekend, I left the tv off for a large part of both days and instead DID STUFF. And with today’s mission to Draw a Picture (as well as a few previous drawing missions), I find myself contemplating DRAWING every day, too. What is happening to me? At this rate I may finally follow through on my frequent threats to cancel my cable tv subscription. No, not that one, that’s still crazy talk.

But I might find myself finally putting together a portfolio website. I might finally finish unpacking from my move four years ago. I might sort and get rid of a whole bunch of stuff I know I don’t need to keep around. I might begin to take tangible baby steps toward the London goal.

All because I drew a beer bottle.

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