Kelly goes shopping for shoes

December 16, 2009


I like shopping about as much as I like going to the dentist (nothing personal, Dr. Ottavi, you???re great as dentists go, but you???re still a dentist). So it was with low expectations that I went shopping for new winter boots this evening. I was filled with trepidation as I recalled my unsuccessful attempts this past summer to find sandals that were walk-inable yet not 200% butt-ugly.

The outing did not start out on a positive note, well, for two reasons, really. First, the temperature is hovering right around 0??F/-17??C. Who wants to go out in that? Second, I was trying to find the REI and Gander Mountain stores that are supposedly near each other and as conveniently located to my home as any other stores but to which I had never been before. I failed to find either of them.

What I did find was a DSW store, the chain (though not the particular store) of my failed sandal seeking. I had my heart set on a new pair of Columbia boots, but the closest DSW came was Timberland and Merrill. I liked the style of a couple of the Merrills, but they weren???t quite comfortable enough. I finally settled on a pair of BareTraps in a completely different style than my old Columbias, but comfortable and roomy enough for my extra pair of thick wool socks that I add in the coldest of weather.


I also needed a new pair of house slippers as my rabbit Robbin has done a number on my old ones???he enjoys nibbling on leather laces. BareTraps boots in hand, I moseyed over to the slipper section and immediately zeroed in on a nice-looking red pair. Not that I particularly like or dislike red, but they just looked right AND they had no leather laces. Fortunately, they were immediately comfortable, so that was a relatively painless decision.


Then, as I was feeling satisfied about my selections, I stood in the aisle like Lewis (or Clark, take your pick) and surveyed the rest of the ladies??? section. My eye zeroed in on a pair of Nikes. I???ve always had good luck with Nikes. And New Balance. (And Levis jeans. Slow and steady wins the race.) I tried on the Nikes and they were???no surprise???comfortable. 

I took another look around and spied a pair of casual shoes that were styled like bowling shoes, so you know I had to check them out. They were a little a little tight so I declined. Plus, they and the Nikes would have been $150 additional to the boots and slippers. I reigned myself in and ???only??? spent $60 extra. Hey, it???s been three years since I bought myself a new pair of shoes.

So, in honor of my successful shoe shopping, I chose to draw you for today???s assignment, Imelda. Also, I drew you in an actual sketchbook. That’s new.


Another post script: I discovered what Rocket Dog does when he’s not jetting around the galaxy. Who knew? Apparently neither athanie nor coco-tidan ???

2 Responses to “Kelly goes shopping for shoes”

  1. Dan Fone Says:

    I REALLY want one of those boxes.

  2. athanie Says:

    Hah! Of course! He has his own, ugg-like shoe line! Somebody asked me the other day: "Ah, yes, but can he design women’s shoes?" Pshaw, there’s no need to question–there’s nothing this dog can’t do!

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