Where I like to eat downtown

December 19, 2009


In the workaday world, sometimes you really just look forward to getting away from your desk to go get some food. Sometimes that food is breakfast grabbed on the way in. I have my favorite places in the skyway for meal procurement.

Overall, the place I most often frequent is The Brothers Deli, usually for breakfast, though sometimes I get lunch there. Their breakfasts are hardy and inexpensive. For $3.20, I get either the veggie wrap (two eggs scrambled and wrapped in a tortilla with cheese, mushrooms, bell peppers, onions, and salsa; I liberate it from the tortilla), or scrambled eggs with bacon and toast. A small cup of the most delicious fresh-squeezed orange juice is included with either. For lunch, I like their house salad which is sort of like a chicken chef salad. The sandwiches are also pretty tasty. They fly the pastrami in from New York City.

I used to go to Potbelly a lot until I paid attention to what sodium bombs the sandwiches are. Their salads are also good.

My other most-frequented lunch spot is Asian Max. It’s another one of those heap-of-vaguely-Asian-food-for-a-decent-price places, but I feel like they use nicer, fresher ingredients. My usual fare is sesame chicken with two of three spicy green beans, cucumber salad or spring roll. It’s always service with a smile.

Coming in third is sushi. I like it best from Kikugawa but they’re also the most expensive, so sometimes I go to either of a couple of other fast sushi counters. Of course none of it is as good as if you were sitting in an actual restaurant, but it will do.

I have discovered that I really like using chopsticks.

2 Responses to “Where I like to eat downtown”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I must try The Brothers Deli sometime when I happen to be in the area while they are open.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I am confident you would not be disappointed. Lunch date, whenever!

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