Bottle Bunny Opener

January 1, 2010


This week running a close second to Dasie in things that make me smile (waiting for my face to freeze that way) is my new Bunny Bottle Opener. To those of you who follow me in other places, I promise this is the last time I will initiate the topic. Rob, ya done good!

The Bottle Bunny Opener combines two of my favorite things—rabbit and beer! Rob brought it last weekend on his post-Christmas visit. 

Last night I finally had time to install it, but lack of charged drill battery thwarted the effort for a couple of hours while I impatiently waiting for just enough charge to build up. It was just enough. If the bit had had to make two more revolutions to get through the drywall, it wouldn’t have made it.

Then I pounded in the plastic anchors and whacked two dents into the wall.

The drill didn’t have enough juice left to screw in the screws, so I had to do those by hand. But it was worth it!

I  took a movie of the first bottle I opened with the Bunny. The first opening didn’t go so well, as I set up the camera in just the right place to get in my way and it was rather awkward. Tonight, I did it again with much more success!


Unfortunately, now I just want to open bottles of beer so that I can use it! And on that front, New Year’s Eve has thwarted the effort, as I am making my way through a bottle of sparkling wine rather than multiple bottles of beer. Argh! I’m not good at being patient. Well, I am, but in a different context.

Happy new year, everybody!

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