My friend Green Robot

January 11, 2010


This is Green Robot. He and I made our debuts on Tweak Today on the same day. He was one of five random things of the same color that I scrounged up at my office on that fateful day. He has since made several appearances.


1. July 20: Photograph five things that are your favorite color. I would probably say that black is more my favorite color, but I do like lime green and chartreuse quite a bit, too. On that day, green was simply the color that I found five things of first at my office. Green Robot was actually the last to join the group. I guess technically, Green Robot is stolen property. He doesn’t seem to mind.

2. August 22: Photograph the same thing in three different places. It was a hot day, so this was all not too far from my front door. Then Green Robot told me he’d like to be in a movie. That’s at the bottom of the page.

3. October 10: Play copy cat. We looked at the photos of stuff that were posted before we made our submission, and assembled our own versions of previous seen items. Somebody else had already included both a rabbit and a robot. Green Robot was chuffed.

4. November 29: Photograph something in different places around town. Again, Green Robot was most pleased to be out and about. It was a raw November day and the outing didn’t last very long or go very far afield. The close-up on the fire hydrant at the top of the page was used in a special Advent calendar mission.

5. January 10: Take an inanimate object to a meal with you. That was today’s mission. Green Robot and I enjoyed a nice smoked salmon frittata and tomato juice for breakfast.

I am certain Green Robot will find a way to appear in many more missions.

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