I love my branded glassware!

January 19, 2010


Yeah, whatever. I love having branded glassware from which to enjoy my beer. You may think it kooky, but it tastes twice as good from a heavy glass pint glass with the same name.

It has been pretty easy collecting these. If I were 20, I would stash them in my bag and steal them from bars. But I am not 20 and I don’t usually carry anything remotely close to being large enough to hide a glass. I have discovered a different tactic which seems to work quite well—I ask the bartender if I can have the glass. A lot of the time they’re so astounded that they grunt and gesture in my general direction to go ahead, and frequently are nice enough to rinse the glass out for me. At one other place, I am happy to pay $2. That’s sure better than the $5–$10 that I’d have to pay retail.

I have a glass for each of my five favorite breweries (Bell’s, Sierra Nevada, Lagunitas, Summit, and Surly), but on my wish list are non-varietal pint glasses for Bell’s and Sierra Nevada. Picky, picky.

So, from left to right:

front: Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale, Summit Extra Pale Ale, Surly, Lagunitas.

back: Newcastle, Grumpy’s Bar (the place where I pay $2, and Grainbelt Premium, a local brew that I don’t drink), Minnesota Twins (oh yeah, and Bud Light, but that doesn’t count as beer in my book), Point (my hometown), and Guinness. Missing due to oversight: Bell’s 12oz snifter, Pilsner Urquell 12oz fluted-ish stemmed glass. I also have a 22oz version of the PU glass.

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