I miss Heidi Collins

January 26, 2010


And I watch too much TV. My friends will be used to my saying periodically that I should just ditch Comcast, watch what I need to online or with Netflix, and generally spend more time doing things other than watching shows.

However, I have yet to quite work up enough courage to actually go through with it.

I tried once about five years ago, but then the gal on the other end offered to give me my service for half price for six months. How could I refuse?

Then about a year ago I called again to cancel the TV part, but the gal on the other end reminded me that my TV and internet were bundled and that if I dropped the TV the price of the internet would go up, but if I kept the TV, it would only be $15 a month more than with internet alone. How could I refuse, when the TV package was supposedly worth $40?


One Response to “I miss Heidi Collins”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I hate the internet + TV tie. I kept refusing the TV and finally they offered me the lowest level of TV for $11.25, which makes the total for both 25 cents cheaper than the total for internet without TV. Give me a break. It actually is a little more expensive monthly because of taxes, but I was able to get a promotional deal for 6 months that saves enough money it will pay for the tax for a few years.We don’t even have the TV part hooked up though.

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