10 things that make me happy

March 1, 2010


This cup of grapefruit juice*

I like orange juice and tomato juice, but I love grapefruit juice!

This lovely sunny day*

It is the last day of February. On days like this, you believe that spring is truly right around the corner, even though it’s Minnesota and you know there could easily still be stretches of sub-freezing temperatures.

Watching my cat spaz out with the twirling rainbows on the wall*

I have solar powered twirling crystals in my south window. Poor Dasie just never figures it out.

Saving 10–15 minutes in the morning by neither combing nor drying my hair*

On February 13, I stopped both combing my hair and giving it the tiny bit of blow drying that I do, just to see what would happen. I am not in the early stages of dreadlocks and my curls twist up less frizzily and more curly. The only downside is that all day I shed the loose hairs that were formerly removed during combing. Having that ten or fifteen extra minutes is well worth it to me.

Classical music on a Sunday afternoon*

In my quest to watch less tv, I have returned to doing something I used to twenty years ago, which is turning on public radio in the morning and enjoying it as the backdrop to the whole day.

How it’s light so much earlier in the morning

I know the time change will soon come and darkness will get another hour of morning time, but for now I’ll enjoy that it’s light when I should be thinking about getting up. It has been light when I do get up all winter …

That my rabbit feels better after having his teeth trimmed a couple of weeks ago

The watery eye has cleared up and Robbin seems to be in a better mood. I can even pet his head, something which he had shied away from for years. Now I know why.

The thought of planning my trip to London

I really must make time to do my tax return so that I can get going on this.

Video chat

It has been very satisfying getting to see people who I would otherwise have no opportunity to interact with “in person.”

Coffee in a paper cup

I don’t know why it is, but I really love drinking coffee from a coffee shop paper cup.

*pictured above


One Response to “10 things that make me happy”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Now that I review the assignment, I see that it was technically ten things that make you "smile." But you get the idea.

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