Refrigerator magnet face

April 11, 2010


I was very excited about doing this because the weekend before I had stumbled upon some nifty rabbit magnets at Borders and planned to use them as the eyes of the face. Then time got in the way.

For the first part of the day I was bumming because I hadn???t looked ahead at the assignment so that I could do it the evening before, and as usual I didn???t get up early enough to leave myself any extra time in the morning to accomplish it. I resigned myself to waiting until I got home after work and perhaps even until after bowling to make my face.

Then as I was digging my lunch out of the office refrigerator I comprehended that not only were those magnets suitable for face-making, they were suitable for awesome face-making. And not only awesome face-making but entire clown-making.

It was a no-brainer to use the small magnets as the eyes and smile. Then I realized that the wood-spoon butterflies would be perfect as hair. Then the felt flowers let me know that they would be just right as buttons. I added the magnetic bottle opener as the bow tie flourish.

As often happens when I am setting up my photos at the office when, you know, I should be working, someone catches me in the act and then I feel self-conscious and dumb. Sometimes I explain. Sometimes I don???t. This time I could have, but I chose not to because I don???t particularly like the person to whom I would have been speaking.

After I got some positive online comments about my magnet face submission, I decided it would be the perfect spring avatar. This evening I adapted it to the one you see on this account. I would have been perfectly happy leaving it as the magnet face, but as I enjoy seeing the face of the person whose material I???m checking out, I modified it once more to provide the same courtesy to you.

Not very interesting but there it is.


March 31



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