On my desk: postal mail followup

June 2, 2010


Most of what???s on my desk is not that interesting, usually, but right now it holds several examples of a dying entity???postal mail.??

I don???t received much paper mail. I don???t have credit cards so I get virtually no junk mail, and I get my bills electronically. There are usually two or three days each week where the mailbox is empty, and sometimes I get is the weekly shopping circular.

It???s been so long since I got personal paper mail that I forgot how much fun it is to open the mailbox and find something. A couple of weeks ago I wrote about having mailed a bunch of postcards to my Tweak Today friends. Today you can see a few of the things I???ve received in return???quite a few postcards and a punny sticker, and (not pictured here) a beer newspaper and the jam I wrote about yesterday.

It has been lots of fun.

May 30, 2010

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