It???s not a purse, it???s a bag

August 7, 2010


I don’t carry a purse. If someone calls it that, I correct them. If it straps over two shoulders and rests on my back, it’s not a purse, it’s a bag. Quite often it’s not even a bag, it’s just my wallet. Quite often it’s not my wallet, it’s the little take-out insert that holds cash, the drivers license, and a couple of cards. Frequently it’s just my drivers license and cash or a card in my back pocket.

The wallet holds all the necessaries, clockwise from upper left: the wallet with my transit stored value card; gum; cherry Carmex (which, incidentally, I was leery about getting but the store was out of plain and it turns out the cherry adds a nice little accent to things such as coffee and Diet Coke); cards (car insurance, dental insurance, health insurance, HSA VISA card, business card, $20 Marshall’s gift card, frequent buyer card for Robbin’s brand of rabbit pellets); wallet insert (driver’s license, cash, VISA check card, Dunn Bros Coffee customer loyalty card).

My most-often toted bag is my giant leather backpack which usually goes to work with me. It carries my lunchbox, wallet, iPod, umbrella, anything. It is well-worn and a few years ago I tried unsuccessfully to find a replacement. Then people kept complimenting its rugged demeanor and calling it cool so I stopped searching.

Next is my mini-backpack. That goes to bowling with me and in it you will find my Nalgene bottle with 200mL ice frozen in the bottom and filled with water, my iPod, and my wallet.

When I went to London recently, I did give in and buy this green pouch. I wanted something big enough to put my passport in, and it turns out it was also quite happy to carry a large water bottle. Since my return, I’ve found that it’s handy for wallet, iPhone, and keys when I go to work out and don’t have any pockets. I imagine that when I have to start wearing a jacket again in the fall, it will lay unused for the most part. I confess I’m surprised by how much I like this thing. Maybe because it’s green. Even so, I can’t bring myself to call it a purse. Purses are bigger and have make-up and stuff in them. I don’t carry that around with me; Carmex is the closest I get to that. Purse is too girlie for me.

Even when I’m carrying one of my bags, the iPhone rides around in my back pocket.


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