Not such a cheap date

August 21, 2010


Yesterday’s goal was to buy the cheapest thing on the menu. Today’s goal was to spend nothing. I failed miserably, because I didn’t have time to plan ahead. That’s a little bit of a lame excuse. I do often pack my lunch for work, but the extra whammy today was my attendance at the Twins game tonight.

So in chronological order, my FAIL went like this.

Lunch. Street food is just beginning to happen in Minneapolis. And it’s not really true street food yet. To be sure it comes from a truck or a cart, but at this time it’s pretty normal food and/or restaurants with a tiny satellite location on the sidewalk. Still, it is something new. Today I visited the Smack Shack at 1st Avenue North and 4th Street North. They do seafood and sausages. I got the shrimp po’ boy. It was delicious, but it was a pricey $9.00. And when a downpour happened while I was waiting for my order, I became stranded under their umbrellas and ended up eating there, where I was without my water that I would have been quite happy with at my desk as originally planned. I spent another dollar on a can of Diet Coke.

Supper. I had planned to stay at the office until it was time to go to the Twins game, but because I switched bags and forgot my key, I had to leave when the last other person left. That spurred my decision to check out the Town Ball Tavern within Target Field because I had plenty of time. As you would expect, the food was overpriced, but the Summit pints that I am powerless to resist at the ballpark were, at $6.75 each, 75¢ less expensive in the Tavern than on the concourse. I ordered the Twin Towns Turkey Sandwich (I think that’s what it was called), which was basically a grilled cheese and turkey sandwich, for $10.50—exorbitant, I know. I had three bargain beers as well.

At the end of the sixth inning, I could no longer take sitting in my seat, packed in on a warm and humid night with no breeze to circulate the stagnant air, so I retreated back to the Tavern where there was air conditioning and big screens and had one more bargain beer. Total beer savings, $3.00.


Post game. By game’s end, I was hungry again (stupid beer) and so popped in to Pizza Lucé on the way back to my bicycle for a delicious slice of pizza with chicken, mushrooms, and onions, $3.95. Wonderful as their beer selection is, I did resist the temptation and just had some nice, cold water.

So that was fourteen hours, two meals, and one event out of the house. Grand total: $51.45. Ouch. It’s no wonder I’m always out of money.

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