The day in snow: Blizzard 12-11-10 (videos)

December 13, 2010

We had a blizzard! Here are the videos; check out the photos, too.

Snowing (Saturday 1:30pm): This was the scene all day Saturday.


Front Yard Tour (Saturday 2:00pm): Here’s a fun tour around my immediate front yard after the first of my two shoveling sessions on Saturday. Two of my neighbors had already shoveled on separate occasions.


Blowing (Saturday 6:00pm): By the time I went outside for the second time, the wind had picked up. The snow ended around this time, but then it got blown around.


Ruth and the dogs (Sunday 12:00 noon): Sunday I managed to be outside for over three hours. Most of that time was spent shoveling various and sundry. I also helped a couple people dig their cars out and took a walk around the neighborhood. My neighbor Ruth was a good dog mom and took Frank and Grey Girl out for a real walk. She’s Nick the Cat’s mom, too. She’s getting used to me documenting. I included it because who doesn’t love seeing doggies?

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