The night in bus ride: home from work

December 18, 2010


I was supposed to ride a route from start point to end point and document, but I misunderstood. So instead, I simply got home from work.

I wanted to take the 7 because it picks me up right outside of work and lets me off right outside of home. Unfortunately, I went to this stop which was half a block away from the office in the wrong direction from where the 7 actually stops. At first (second), I thought I’d get on this 50 but there were too many other people getting on.


Besides, a 3 was right behind it, which goes the same way as far as I needed to take it.


So I got on it instead.


There were fewer people. That made me happy.


The 3 and I parted ways at the Metrodome. The poor, deflated Metrodome. Ah, now you’re paying attention. There’s no puff on the top, is there.


Unfortunately, neither the 50 nor the 3 go right to my mid-ride stop, so I had to walk about a quarter mile to get to Sorella for an informal wine tasting.


The wine tasting didn’t really take that long, so I had a while to wait for my transfer, which would now be the 7, or the 22. Either one deposits me satisfactorily close to home. Here comes a 22.


There were a few more people on the 22 …


… including me!


And, home. Astute friends will notice Palmer’s Bar just ahead.

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