February 15, 2011


For some weird reason, I didn’t hate today. I even wore a red shirt. I wasn’t looking forward to flowers from a sweetie or anything like that. No, I couldn’t wait to secretly decorating the fake ficus tree in the lobby on my floor at work.

The fake ficus has become the subject of daily updates on another division of my blog because I find its ever-changing position humorous. I don’t doubt that I’m the only one who does. I’m sure the sixty-four page views that the earlier entries have tallied mostly happened by accident. Doesn’t matter. I get a kick out of it so I’ll keep taking a photo every (week)day around 2:45 or 3. The tree actually hasn’t been moving around as much since I started documenting. I also get a kick out of how our neighbors put their large trash right out there to be the first thing people see when they step off the elevator. That’s professional. If you don’t want it in your suite, do you think anyone else wants to look at it in a common area?

I wasn’t privy to many comments about the hearts; I imagine a lot of people didn’t even notice them as many, myself included, have their noses in their phones as they cross through the lobby on the way to the bathroom or the Down button (we’re on the top floor). 

I do plan to keep decorating for upcoming holidays and special days. I suppose the ultimate measure of success would be if other secret decorators got into the spirit. They probably won’t, though.


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