Deviant behavior

May 5, 2011


Yesterday on my walk home from work, I engaged in behavior which, in my mind, was surely worthy of receiving an ASBO. I thwarted my initial plan because I couldn’t overcome my self-consciousness to act in the location I really wanted to (Nicollet Mall and 5th Street South/Light Rail). There were just too darned many people milling about waiting for buses, waiting for cross-walking right-of-way, and the like at that unpopular time of day known as rush hour. Someone would, at the very least, see me, and at the very worst, be curious and stop to ask me about it. I chastised myself, didn’t change my mind, and moved on.


As I contemplated its execution a little further down 5th Street (at 3rd Avenue South, in front of the Qwest building, if you must know), I came to notice just how many security cameras we really have in downtown Minneapolis. I guess that’s not exactly a bad thing; a few years ago, a violent criminal was apprehended because a citizen phoned 911 immediately and authorities were able to track the suspect on sequential cameras as he ran away.

For my own little plot, I got nervous because Gotham City Hall is across the street, and also because after noticing the cameras, I figured somebody was watching me take photos near a sensitive building and would be swarming out to disappear me, in light of the Osama bin Laden developments over the weekend. I didn’t wish to take any chances. I put my head down and hightailed it onward.

For a couple of blocks, I felt like an utter, pansy failure. Then I had The Brainstorm. I’d have to be patient, but I would still have the opportunity to perform my duty in a location well-traveled by desirable types. I spent the next fifteen minutes walking another three-quarters of a mile to the bike trail that connects Downtown East to my home neighborhood.

And then I did it.

I drew in chalk on the pavement.

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