Games bartenders play

September 7, 2011


This is why it pays to develop a relationship with your bartender. (I don’t know if it actually warrants its own blog entry, but when has that ever stopped me?)

Remember Wiley the usually quiet bartender at Pizza Lucé? I had enjoyed my first St Lupulin this afternoon prior to going to the Twins game and was ready for another. Wiley set down the above half-full glass in front of me. (1)

“What’s this?”


“Guess 1”, no.

“Guess 2”, no.

About five wrong guesses total.

*smirk* “What did [other bartender] just go downstairs to do?”

“Change the 90 Shilling to Cutthroat Porter.”

“Yeah, and…?” 

“Uhh, erm…” 

“The St Lupulin just ran out and…?” 





So then Wiley sets down this full glass.

“So what’s this?”


*taste* *dawning comprehension*


“So he also just changed the St Lupulin.”




Tip your bartender well in appreciation of the games he or she will play with you!


(1) Wiley did not serve me the first one. He well could have checked my tab in the computer to learn what I had. Regardless, I was impressed with the game.
(2) I freaked out so because St Lupulin is seasonal, and it’s a short season, and that very likely COULD have been the last half glass for this year.

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