A week of Christmas: countdown

December 23, 2011


In an effort to overwhelm myself, I shall now write down everything I hope to accomplish or have underway in the next three hours, prior to my parents’ arrival for the festive weekend. I probably have more like four hours, but we’ll see how fast I can go. To provide as soothing an environment as possible, I have commenced my annual listening of the complete Handel’s Messiah. I am actually playing the CDs in my stereo!

To do:

– give the litterbox corner some TLC
– vacuum
– cut up vegetables for supper stir-fry
– straighten up
– clean the bathroom
– bake a loaf of bread
– tape up one side of one window plastic that came unstuck
– a load or two of laundry
– some online banking

Hmm. It doesn’t look like so much it written form. It seemed like more when it was just swirling around in my brainpan.

Hi ho!

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