Important breakfast news

July 16, 2012


I just made a delicious breakfast for supper and that’s exciting! Not because I’m so clever for mixing up meals—I’m not, I know plenty of people who eat non-traditionally—but because it solves two “problems” I’ve been having.

I firmly believe that breakfast is, as is commonly touted, the most important meal of the day. I must eat it, particularly on workdays. On those rare mornings when I don’t eat something, I am pretty distracted until I can reasonably get an early lunch.

I don’t ask much of my breakfast. It involves an egg or two and some other stuff. And there’s the first thing I must deal with. No matter how delicious something is or how go-to a particular combination of ingredients is, every now and then you need something different. Variety is the spice of life.

I have a few go-to breakfasts that I employ. I used to always make the South Beach Cheesy Frittata, though these days, it’s more of a weekend treat because it takes a little more effort to prepare. Another standard is what I fondly call Egg McBread—a lightly scrambled egg, folded, put between the halves of a piece of toast with some sliced cheese. These days, it’s two lightly scrambled eggs topped with chèvre. I’m getting bored with that. I get a bagel and cream cheese more mornings than I should (because I try to limit my carbs).

I do have some favorite breakfasts out that I enjoy from time to time, especially when my beer intake the night before requests some carbohydrates the morning after (I am not consistent in my shunning of carbs). I love my everything bagel and cream cheese, and there’s a skyway deli that makes an economical and delicious scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast special. Bacon.

A particular favorite breakfast out that I used to enjoy was huevos rancheros—authentic huevos rancheros from the Mexican restaurant that used to be on the ground floor of my office building. And therein lies the second thing that thwarts my breakfast efforts. The restaurant went out of business half a year ago.

I really miss those huevos rancheros.

But what I did tonight for supper will, I believe, humor me on both counts for a while, because I made—wait for it—fake huevos rancheros. Fake for three reasons: there were no tortillas, there was no rice, and I used way too much of the wrong kind of cheese. Oh, and the egg was lightly scrambled, not over-easy. Four reasons. But it incorporated my favorite things about huevos rancheros and man, was it tasty!

I made one lightly scrambled egg in its usual small sauté pan, then spread 1/4 cup refried beans over the top and sprinkled it with 1 ounce shredded pepper jack cheese (Monterrey Jack with jalapeños and other hot peppers, fyi). I wrapped the pan handle in foil and put it under the broiler long enough to toast the cheese a little. I have found my new favorite breakfast, for a while anyway.

¡Muy delicioso!

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