What do you love the feel of?

December 3, 2009


Robbin Rabbit does not love the feel of being picked up, and he is merely polite about it until I release him. I made him endure this holding so that I could mimic the photo another gal took of her and her Rex rabbit. Rex rabbits’ fur feels like velvet.

Robbin is the Satin breed. That’s an apt description. He has an entirely different kind of fine, soft fur—silky smooth with a satiny sheen. And there is no softer fur than the fur at the nape of the neck of any rabbit.

My cat Dasie’s white fur feels very fine and soft compared to her black fur. My cat CJ also has very soft, longish black fur which is even finer and softer than Dasie’s white fur.

I love how it feels in the morning when I’m half awake and still cozy in bed under my electric blanket, just drifting in and out. That is, unless I have to go to the bathroom. Then I feel anxious and unable to relax until I’ve gotten up.

Nothing beats standing under the hot shower.

In the summer, it feels really good to depart from the overactive air conditioning in my office to go outside and turn my face to the sun. If the temperature is 75° or less, I even like just sitting in the sun for half an hour.

I love the feel of a good wine buzz. Getting loopy on wine is completely different than getting loopy on beer, which is also pleasant, but not in the same way.

When I go to bed at night, I always hope that CJ will come with me. If I offer her my arm and get positioned just right, she licks my wrist with her rough cat tongue and the feel of it puts me right to sleep. It works if it’s my wrist or hand; my forearm is too ticklish.

I also love the feel of a cat purring when I’m holding her close. Dasie is the more violent purrer, so she’s a little more enjoyable.

Those are all physical things. Then I got to thinking that there are a number of things that feel good on an emotional level.

I realized that as I finished my Curves workout tonight. No matter how tired I am or what kind of fowl mood I might be in, I just feel happy for a good 90 minutes afterward. Let’s hear it for endorphins.

I feel good about myself when I get up the hour earlier on work mornings that I really should do all the time.

I get proverbial and literal warm fuzzies when I commune with my sweeties. Both cats like to be held, and even Robbin, if I leave his feet on the floor, will let me smother him in a hug.

I’ll probably think of ten more things as soon as I post this, but these are the things that immediately come to mind.

And keeping up with this blog makes me feel a sense of accomplishment, however trivial in the bigger scheme.

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