Why I love the movie ???Legally Blonde???

December 3, 2009


On the surface you’re all, this is some dumb chickflick about a little sorority Barbie who wants to get her boyfriend back. But it’s really a tale of amazing determination and personal growth. I find it inspiring.

The scene pictured above (©MGM, no doubt) is when Elle Woods decides that to regain the respect and interest of said boyfriend, she has to become a serious law student, the kind of girl the boyfriend’s brother is engaged to. She doesn’t give any thought to how impossible it seems to everybody else that she thinks she can gain admission to Harvard. She doggedly sets about the various tasks that need to be accomplished in her mission, and the next thing you know, there she is at Harvard orientation. After a few more setbacks, her determination kicks into overdrive and she gradually becomes the person no one gave her credit for ever possibly becoming.

What I love about the character is that regardless of her misguided reason for making her decision in the first place, she sets a daunting goal, makes it happen, and as a result has incredible personal growth. I can learn a lot from Elle Woods.

(The sequel wasn’t nearly as good.)

One Response to “Why I love the movie ???Legally Blonde???”

  1. Dan Fone Says:

    May surprise you but I liked this film too. Reese Witherspoon improves most films she’s in, I think. Unless they’re beyond improving. I like a lot of daft films though.

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