(Through the) kitchen window

December 22, 2009


I don’t have much of a view out my kitchen window. If I lean one way, I can look into my neighbor’s kitchen. If I lean the other way, I can sort of look into his living room. I can see to the back of the building, but that’s easier if I just go to my bedroom window.

At least I have a kitchen window. The kitchen that I previously used for 11 years had no window. It wasn’t even on an outside wall. It was a little galley kitchen in the interior building hallway wall. My view now isn’t all that great, but at least it goes beyond my wall. I love to cook and spend a lot of time on Saturdays and Sundays flitting around my bigger but still not huge cooking area. If I open the mini-blinds, it seems somewhat more roomy, especially if it’s daytime.

Growing up, I have the fondest memories of our house that was two doors down from the Methodist church. But when we moved to our house on Willeke Avenue, I know my mom was really excited to be going to a kitchen that looked out the front of the house. That’s where the interesting things happened, apparently.

Now, my parents’ kitchen looks out the back of the house. But I know my mom enjoys that view, too, as she encourages the local wildlife to visit the yard, even squirrels. @thedigitalghost, her central Wisconsin squirrels are even fatter than most Northern squirrels. Fergus would be beside himself.

No, I don’t have the greatest view out my kitchen window, but the mortgage makes it and the kitchen all mine! Omigosh, did I just find a positive about having bought a place?

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