Things that make me happy

December 23, 2009


I only had to come up with five, but once you think of one you think of 100. Here are the top pleasure-givers in my life.

The best

First by default are Robbin, CJ, and Dasie. Even if they’re not doing any of the innumerable cute and sweet things they do, I only need to look at any one of them to feel better. I treasure their companionship.

The other top vote getter is working out at Curves. Not only is it good for me but it makes me feel good. Really good! I’ve become a believer in endorphins, because for a good two hours afterwards, I’m very joyful, regardless of how my day had been going previously.

The rest in no particular order (well, in a little bit of order)

Writing this blog

Good beer (the two pictured are my favorites), and related to that, a nice wine buzz


“Dancing with the Stars” — Say what you want to about reality tv, but you just can’t beat this show for feel good escapism, especially when people experience life-changing personal growth, like Kelly Osborne did this past season. The show is a joy to watch.

Anthony Bourdain — when I watch his tv show I just want to eat and drink. It’s fun.

Craig Ferguson — the man is a comic genius.

The thought of moving to London

Travel in general, especially long car trips by myself — Particularly effective if I can stay off the interstates and just take state and U.S. highways and go through towns.

Going to baseball games

Pigeons — I love pigeons. There are a couple of flocks that I encounter frequently. The one near my home has lots of mottled and white members.

Mother Nature — When she throws up a rainbow or shows me tracks in the snow, or one lone tulip in a random place, or Maxfield Parrish colors in the sunset.

One Response to “Things that make me happy”

  1. Kate Says:

    pets and exercise are in my top few things too

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