My horse notebook

December 24, 2009


When I was a tween and young teen, I went through a horse phase. I managed to talk my parents into riding lessons for six months. But most of what happened with regard to me and horses was in my imagination, and a lively one it was.

I developed an entire stable of horses. It was called Mescorola Park Farms and it was home to 111 horses, mostly Thoroughbreds and Arabians. There were also several Quarter horses, a few Appaloosas, and a smattering of Lipizzan, Saddlebreds, and Morgan horses.

For each horse, I wrote out the pedigree and made a crayon picture. I would sit in my dad’s den, listening to the radio and recording songs, and making my horses and reading the three or four horse magazines that I subscribed to. As my original stock reproduced, I followed the conventions for each breed in naming the offspring. I was a big Queen and Elton John fan by then, so the names were also influenced by song titles.

My horse phase also resulted in my only completion of a longer piece of fiction writing, a story about—you guessed it—a horse farm.

I got all sentimental about my horse notebook recently due to having been thinking about my other childhood obsession, the Ford Mustang (from my earlier years); that was the story that began my current spate of blogging. I was certain of the notebook’s location my corner of my parents’ basement so I commissioned my mom to bring it along for their current visit.

It’s been 30 years, but I recognize the horses like it was last week. It’s fun to be so utterly transported to another time.

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