Evidence of Tiny-bunny

December 26, 2009


Tiny-bunny made his getaway from the woodpile. And it was almost a clean getaway, except the heat of his retreat burned his snowtracks into the pavement. But there was no turning back from his exile from the woodpile. He had to keep moving.

Tiny-bunny had connections on the frozen planet of Cube, Ice Cube. He would get in touch with Wendell Francis the Otter, commonly known as Snarf, and Steve the Goat, about whom it was commonly known that he had taken the fall for his previous boss of ill-repute. But Steve, with the help of Snarf, had been working on rebuilding his reputation as the proprietor of a ski resort on the frozen planet of Cube, Ice Cube. Tiny-bunny knew he could go there and Steve and Snarf would help set him up in a new enterprise.

First, however, Tiny-bunny had to cover his snowtracks, and it wouldn’t be easy.

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