Favorite vacation pic

December 27, 2009


Whatever vacation I’m engaged in is my favorite at the time, but regardless of the pleasure of subsequent vacations, the UVIC rabbits rate close to the top of my favorite vacation moments ever.

In 2004, my parents and I went on a Canadian Rockies train trip extravaganza. We flew to Seattle, motorcoached to Victoria BC and then to Vancouver, where we boarded the Rocky Mountaineer to traverse the Rockies by train.

While toodling around Victoria, our motorcoach driver took us through the University of Victoria where there was a population of feral rabbits. Well, you can imagine how my mom and I were squealing about that. Later, I took the city bus back to spend more time with these rabbits.

It was novel to me, but both the rabbits and the humans were quite blasé about each other. I stalked the rabbits and got good photos. The fellow in the large picture was more curious than the rest and was quite happy to cooperate with the photoshoot. In fact, he hopped right up and nibbled on the rubber ring around my lens.

I liked Victoria generally—because it was very British, imagine that!—and I’d love to visit again.

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