Slippery when icy

January 22, 2010


Last week we had 48 hours of freezing drizzle. The first wave during the day on Thursday wasn’t so bad. The thin glaze that I had to chisel off my car to be able to drive it to bowling wasn’t too much of an inconvenience, all things considered. And it was a little tricky walking, but nothing too untoward.

Friday was a somewhat different story. The temperature was just above freezing during the daylight, so it was just an annoying steady drizzle. But in the space of a couple of hours in the evening that all changed. When I came outside after my evening activities of hanging out with friends at the Minnesota Timberwolves basketball game and refreshments afterwards, the world was glazed anew.

This time it was downright treacherous and dangerous. While I was waiting to catch the train home, I lost count of how many people slipped and fell, thereby getting an embarrassing worm’s eye view of the world. But it was Friday night and because people were in booze-inspired good humor, everyone was pretty jovial and helpful. Said the transit cop to one fellow who took a particularly nasty spill, “Nice recovery. You got up just like Brett Favre.”

Okay, so that’s American football humor about a 40-year-old quarterback who plays better than peers half his age and has superhuman abilities to come right back after hard hits. It was funny.

When I got to my home neighborhood, though, it was no laughing matter. In about three places I had to take the long way in order to avoid even a slight grade in the sidewalk which would have been impossible to negotiate while remaining upright.

Fortunately, the next day temperatures were once again above freezing and all’s well that ends well.

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