Tattooine, aka my non-existant ink mark

January 23, 2010


Heretofore, I’ve never had the desire to get a tattoo. I’m not sure I do now, though perhaps I do moreso than I did in, say, September. That’s when I drew on myself with a couple of different Sharpies. And it turned out that I didn’t mind how it looked.

I have always maintained that if I did more body art, it would 99.9% be likely to happen as a demure nose piercing. I have never thought that I wanted to get a tattoo.

But two funny things happened. About a year ago, I accidently discovered that my mom had gotten a tattoo. At age 70! Without consulting my dad! Who didn’t realize for months afterwards! I certainly don’t feel like I have to keep up, or tell anybody if I do.

Then we had the marker tattoo mission. And I liked it! I didn’t try to scrub it off.

Today I’ve been thinking about it again. If I did actually go through with the real thing (which I’m not saying I will), I would get this rabbit, pretty for sure. I could see having it be about 75% of the pictured size. However, I think the overall line thickness to rabbit-size proportion is exactly right.

Maybe I will have it done at Saint Sabrina’s, or maybe I will have it done in Camden. TBD, perhaps sooner than I think.

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