Collection: tasty beverage photos

February 15, 2010


My interest in taking photos of the beers and wines that I’ve sampled began in the summer of 2008. I’m trying to remember what the catalyst was, because I’ve liked better beers for a long time. I think I simply realized that it was an easy way to keep track of what I’ve tried.

So the first time I have something, I make a photographic record. You will notice a lot of five brands of beer—Lagunitas, Bell’s, Sierra Nevada, Summit, and Surly—because those are my favorites and there are many regular varieties of each, plus a steady output of seasonals and limited editions. And as I acquired the branded glassware for each of those breweries, I have retaken some of the photos so that the beer can be pictured in its native glass.

I usually take three shots, so that if the focus is off, I have others to choose from. The top half of this photo are the ones that are already posted to my Flickr set. The bottom half is the unsorted backlog of new photos.

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