1000 Paces: home to office

February 16, 2010


Here is an unprecedented look at my morning commute! The assignment was to walk 500 paces from your home and take a picture. That’s the big one in the middle. But I learned something unexpected—it is exactly 1000 paces from my home to my office coffee pot.

100 paces: I’m almost to the sidewalk along Cedar Avenue. That’s neighborhood institution Palmer’s Bar across the street and the Riverside Plaza highrises in the distance. (Pop culture note: In the Mary Tyler Moore Show, those highrises were where Mary moved to from her first apartment in the large house.)

200 paces: I’ve crossed the street and am walking along Cedar Avenue. On  my right out of frame is the blue side door to one of the neighborhood mosques.

300 paces: Cutting through a parking lot at the edge of the highrises on my way to the light rail station.

400 paces: Taking a short cut through the driveway and between two other apartment buildings. (Pop culture note: some tiny indy movie was filmed here because these buildings were deemed to look like European apartment blocks. It’s more striking when you’re close-up, and I don’t know the name of the movie.)

500 paces: On the other side of the apartment building. There isn’t usually a truck blocking my way.

600 paces: About to cross onto the Cedar-Riverside Station light rail platform.

700 paces: I’m on the train!

800 paces: I’ve just left Nicollet Mall Station downtown and crossed the street.

900 paces: Approaching my work building which is out of frame on the right. I purposely looked to the left a little so that I could include the Shubert Theater in the frame. You may remember the Shubert Theater as a character in one of my early posts.

1000 paces: In the building, up the elevator to the 11th storey, into my office, and through to the kitchen. My coffee pot is the little one. In the almost fifteen years that I’ve worked for my company, I remain the only person who drinks decaf. But that’s in the morning. I  enjoy regular coffee after lunch.

And there you have my ten minute journey. That was fun. I might have to do a series of these 1000 pace walks.

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