Three items for your last meal

March 6, 2010


How many ways can you answer this question? I will share my favorites.

Meal: three things you’d like to eat in association with each other:

Three things I really like to eat together as a meal are grilled salmon with lemon juice, asparagus steamed al dente, and white rice with just a little butter. All with a little salt.

Three things I often eat together and which would be acceptably pleasing:

One of my favorite lunch places is Asian Max (pictured). There are two three-item combos that I usually ask for: sesame chicken, spicy green beans, and cucumber salad; or sesame chicken, shrimp spring roll with sweet brown sauce, and either spicy green beans or cucumber salad, depending on my mood.

My comfort lunch is D’Amico caprese panini, Tuscan chicken soup, and small bag of potato chips. It’s a fancy grilled cheese and tomato soup. They have a punch card for buy five and get one free. That’s not very many.

Three things you like to eat that wouldn’t necessarily comprise a menued “meal”:

Grilled steak (rare) with onion salt, grilled salmon, giant salad.

Grilled steak (rare) with onion salt, giant salad, zinfandel (doesn’t have to be fancy).

Steak, sauteed mushrooms, Bell’s Oberon Ale. The first time I ever tried Oberon was at a wine tasting. Bell’s had a table off in the side room, and I went there after I had tried some steak bites with butter sauteed mushrooms from Murray’s Grill. Oberon was the first beer I sampled. It was divine.

Pizza. Well, there are at least three ingredients there, aren’t there?

Salad. The same would apply to a giant salad. I am quite happy with one of those.

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