Something borrowed, kept ???til tomorrow

March 7, 2010


’Fess up. Somebody, out of the kindness of their heart, loaned you something “for a few days.” Or you cat-sat for someone and took something home with you, fully intending to return it before they returned.

I fall into the latter catter-gory.

Rob M, I confess. I have your Pantone swatch book. Let me refer back to old files on my computer. Nope, it’s been so long* that those files aren’t even on my current computer. No, I “borrowed” your swatch book when you entrusted the care of your feline companion to me for a longish Christmas trip to Green Bay, when I was still doing the quarterly catalog for cooking classes at Lund’s for my former freelance client. It was a one-color job and I got to pick the color. I used your swatch book to make the choice.

Now you know.

Obviously, you haven’t missed it much. Or else you’ve been just too nice to bring it up. You are a nice guy, but I suspect it’s more that you just haven’t needed it and so either didn’t even notice, or if you did, decided that it wasn’t important enough to mention. That’s because you went and became a fancy web designer guy at Yahoo!. The internet doesn’t care about the Pantone Matching System.

If you ever need to use Pantone colors again, I’d be happy to return it to you. But may I note that it only goes up to PMS 587, with a few flourescents and metallics thrown in for good measure. The latest edition apparently features 2,058 colors. Your book is old news.

The green featured in the call-out is 363, the color of the Pantone coffee mug that was part of the Christmas 2008 office gift to me. That color was carefully selected for me by our office manager who thought it reminded her of the color of the spinach soup that I sometimes make. She likes baby-shit-colored split pea soup, but for some reason, my green-greener spinach soup grosses her out. There’s no accounting for taste.


*Omg, it was SO long ago that I was still working in QuarkXPress. What?

One Response to “Something borrowed, kept ???til tomorrow”

  1. someToast Says:

    I think that book was old news when I "borrowed" it myself from the printing mill I worked at summers for the first four years of college. ; )Use it with my blessing.

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