The day in bike ride: June 6, 2010

June 7, 2010



I did the 20-mile bike ride again today. The forecast called for unsettled weather in the afternoon, but I chose to defy the gods and set out. This time I had the photo plan in mind from the outset so this time the pictures are on the even mile marks. I mostly took them in motion looking straight ahead, unless there was something interesting to the side. I decided you didn???t need to see my mug in every shot this time.


Photo 1, mile 0. Stop at the neighborhood bicycle shop to blow up my tires. It was breezy so I figured if my tires were nice and plump, I???d have a better time of it.


Photo 2, mile 1. Mississippi River. Apparently it was Mile 7 for the Minneapolis Marathon. Oh great, am I going to have to dodge joggers all ride?



Photo 3, mile 2. Mississippi River, Mile 8 for the marathon.



Photo 4, mile in-between. A party on the lawn at the American Danish Institute.



Photo 5, mile 3. Mississippi River



Photo 6, mile 3.5. Mississippi River. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.



Photo 7, mile 4. Mississippi River, Godfrey Parkway, road to the Lock & Dam #1.



Photo 8, mile 5. Minnehaha Creek



Photo 9, mile 6. In between Lakes Hiawatha and Nokomis. Lifeguards on duty.



Photo 10, mile 7. Minnehaha Creek and Parkway



Photo 11, mile in-between. Hello, ???Cottontail on the Trail???!



Photo 12, mile 8. Minnehaha Creek, approaching the underpass of I-35 where there is road/path construction.



Photo 13, mile 9. Minnehaha Parkway. Two dudes in coral-colored shirts passed me. Then I showed them when there was a sharp uphill and I passed them back, without even trying. Thank you, Curves!



Photo 14, mile 10. Approaching Lake Harriet



Photo 15, mile 11. West side of Lake Harriet



Photo 16, mile in-between. I did not need the hotdog stop today. However, the Inver Hills Community Band was warming up to perform in the Lake Harriet Bandshell, so I still stopped for a few minutes.




Photos 17,18, mile 12. Between Lakes Harriet and Calhoun. There is a sightseeing trolley train that putt-putts between the lakes.



Photos 19, mile 13. West side of Lake Calhoun. Minneapolis downtown skyline in the distance. It started raining about here.



Photo 20, mile 14. Midtown Greenway. I took a slightly different path to the Greenway today. Had to wait for a long traffic light. It stopped raining. The sun came back out and the smell reminded me of the swimming pool in the summer when I was a kid.



Photo 21, mile 15. Midtown Greenway, just before the Bryant Avenue access point. I used to live there. I miss it. Also, I took a slight detour off the path to go look at something that might be important in my future.



Photo 22, mile 16. Midtown Greenway



Photo 23, mile 17. Just before Freewheel Bicycle???s Midtown Greenway location.




Photo 24, 25, mile 18. The fancy shmancy bridge over Hiawatha Avenue.



Photo 26, mile 19. Hiawatha commuter trail, almost home. The awesome, ugly high-rises that are the landmark of my neighborhood.


The mileage seems to have not quite worked out, because it’s still 20.5 miles, but you get the idea.

One Response to “The day in bike ride: June 6, 2010”

  1. someToast Says:

    Great ride! I miss that Harriet/Calhoun run.

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