Moon walk to the world

August 13, 2010


If we were to take a little moon pie a la monde and establish the first colony on Earth’s satellite, what would we want to have with us? It’s interesting that as each person noted their own favored item, we actually ended up with a pretty well-rounded selection of near-essentials.

My own answer was fresh food. I do my best to stay away from processed junk and I’m not sure that freeze-dried rations wouldn’t just send me over the moon, so to speak. I love my steak, I love my grilled veggies, and I love salad, lots and lots of salad. I weighed these things against other things that I love, such as music, my computer/the internet, my pets, beer, and so on. Really, my answer should have been drinking water, because more than all those other things and the things yet to be noted, I love feeling hydrated.

So, what else would we take with us?

After taking care of his own need for SPAM, @jackcomrie thoughtfully added a grill on which I could prepare said steaks and veggies. And I’d be happy to cook for everyone. I know it’s grueling to work your way up through the ranks, but I bet I’d be a good restaurant chef. It was probably mere coincidence that there was red wine on the grill leaf. I do really like a good Sonoma zinfandel with my beef. Or Bell’s Oberon beer.

@a_noob took care of a couple of things. He brought the beer so I didn’t have to. And then he decided what the hey, bring the whole damned Honor Oak pub and our friend @rabbitdan. To that I say huzzah! Because the pub is the perfect place to go with your friends, and reluctant as I am to admit it, in the end I do like having people to do things with every now and then. On the moon you’d probably get bored a lot and be glad there were others to do things with.

And one of those things I like to do with someone who is my friend, @merendis brought along—a lover! Really, if you were establishing a colony on a previously unoccupied celestial body, there’d end up being a whole lot of loving going on between all sorts of interesting pairings, appropriate and not appropriate.

When you were hanging out in your moon quarters having some quiet time, you’d want some comforts of home. That would include scratching your furry sweetie’s ears (@thedigitalghost) while surfing the internet (@discomeg2) via satellite and downloading the latest best-sellers (@stephie) and syncing it all via your laptop (@jenaissance).

Of course to run it all, you’d need some sort of power, which @philos-phobos thought to provide, and you wouldn’t want to overlook some basic creature comforts such as water (the elixir of life and universal solvent, thanks to @cigee25). With those spacesuits, you’d probably quickly develop a huge appreciation for the right kind of toilet paper. I am currently stuck with twelve double rolls of a kind I don’t like. It’s only six dollars or so, but I can’t bring myself to bale on it. I will very much more appreciate the other kind when I go back to it.

Let’s not forget aesthetics. @saxchik is taking care of the decorating with some color stimulation. Even with all these other fantastic things we’re bringing along, we might still go crazy if all the walls were moon-ash grey. Three cheers for the color spectrum.

If all else failed, I suppose we’d be quite happy for those freeze-dried rations. @mandy716 and @chaomancer are skipping over the meat and going right to the pudding. And that’s okay. Because as the first moon colony, we would almost certainly experience some insanity, and if a little dish of ice cream, freeze-dried though it might be, was enough to assuage you, well, that would be perfectly acceptable.


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