The day in bike ride: August 29, 2010, with bonus errands

September 1, 2010


My new big thing is the Chef Shack food truck. It’s two chef gals who make amazing culinary delights. They usually post the menu on Facebook, and Saturday morning they also posted a photo of the charcuterie plate that they had on offer at the Kingfield Market in south Minneapolis. 


photos © Chef Shack

I didn’t get myself going quickly enough to get down there by the 1:00 end time, so I instead went to the Uptown Market where they also were (I think they have three vehicles—two trucks and one trailer), figuring I’d get it there instead. The round trip to Uptown is about 8 miles; on the way home I jogged down to the store to pick up some necessary items and that added another couple miles.


Photo1: entering the Hiawatha commuter trail.


Photo 2: heading southish on the Hiawatha commuter trail to meet the Midtown Greenway.


Photo 3: heading west on the Midtown Greenway at 11th Avenue.


Photo 4: Midtown Greenway at 4th Avenue. Thanks for the heads-up, sign.


Photo 5: Bryant Avenue South and 29th Street. I lived in this apartment building for 11 years. Three blocks along 29th are where the Uptown Market is on Sundays.


Photos 6: The market, looking west.


Photos 7: The market, looking east. Oh, hello, Chef Shack!


Photo 8: Waiting for my order. It turned out that they didn’t have the charcuterie plate here, so I ordered the bison burger instead.


Photo 9: Bison burger with pepperjack cheese and chips. Dining on the curb in the shade. It was quite hot but not too humid so it was just barely tolerable for the exertion of the bike ride.


Photo 10: One of the many gardens along the Greenway, at Harriet Avenue South.


Photo 11: Heading back east along the Greenway. Access ramp at Park Avenue South.


Photo 12: The Greenway jogs north across 28th Street to cross the busy Hiawatha Avenue/Highway 55.


Photo 13: Target. Errand stop number one.


Photo 14: Cub Foods. Errand stop number two.


Photo 15: Cheese!


Photo 16: All items procured. I think this will work.


Photo 17: Approaching the weirdo intersection of Minnehaha, Franklin, and Cedar Avenues.


Photo 18: 20th Avenue, just about to cross Interstate 94. The home stretch.

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