What I do all day

June 17, 2011

10:04 Oh crap, I forgot to start this two hours ago.

10:37 Ball pythons lay large, leathery eggs.
Researching ball pythons for a book I’m writing.

11:09 Securing your snake in an aquarium doesn’t have to be a challenge or too expensive. 
Researching ball pythons for a book I’m writing.

11:40 I should grab a pen.
Leaving to do a couple of errands, including actually remembering to send my dad a Father’s Day card, and pick up lunch. Planning to go to Sushi Do and remembered to grab my stamp card.


12:11 Ooh there’s Hola Arepa. I should really get something from them since I find myself all the way down here. I can write the Father’s Day card while I wait.
Went to Target where I got a card for my dad and am going to the Post Office next, but I cut over a street too soon. Lo and behold!


12:43 This is really good! Are those bassoon cases?
Finishing my chicken avocado salad arepa with a side of pickled cabbage slaw. Two girls from the nearby music school have joined the line carrying instrument cases. My first thought is bassoon, but maybe it’s English horn. If there were a bell outdent, I’d think trumpet. But they’re flat. The girl with the dark hair is excited about arepas and says arepa with a good Spanish accent.


1:14 Yay new toothbrush cover!
Back at the office brushing my teeth after lunch. I am quite excited about this replacement toothbrush cover.

1:45 I can’t even believe those moron rioters in Vancouver.
I got distracted looking at a slideshow of the unbelievable stupidity.

2:16 This photo is vertical and I left a horizontal space for it.
Filling in some missing images in the gardening book I’m laying out. I had left a horizontal space for this one that turns out to be vertically orientated.

2:47 POTTERMORE, Harry Potter e-books, I’m already listening—oh wait, that’s *audio* books.
Got distracted again by a headline on either Salon or Huffington Post. I’m a little bit interested because any moment now, I’ll start listening to the second Harry Potter audio book. The article mentioned that there are owls on this webpage. I think my favorite thing so far is that owls deliver messages.

3:19 Where did Dobby go? I’m not finding as many images in chapters 3 and 4.
I’m about halfway through the missing images. Dobby the house elf has just run downstairs to sabotage Harry’s chances of being allowed to return to Hogwarts. Only in the hubbub of the Dursleys’ reactions, I notice (or I missed) that it isn’t really said where Dobby got off to.


3:51 OMIGODILOVECAPRESE! I wish *I* had a Leviathan IPA.
My esteemed work colleague is photo shooting tomato recipes this week and just gave me some tomato and fresh mozzarella slices with marjoram and basil. So good. Then I see that Meghan’s enjoying a tasty IPA at 3:00 my time.

4:21 Oh good, I have time for one more Harry Potter chapter. I’ll probably get interrupted and not be able to finish.
I’ll be here for at least another hour but I’m sure something will interrupt this 35-minute chapter, because people tend to get chattier at the end of the day.

4:53 I got an email. Is that bruschetta ready yet?
My butt buzzed just as the 30-minute alarm went off. Also, the next recipe is bruschetta and omg is it ready yet? It is! YAY!


5:24 Video games meh.
Looking at an article about 50 great apps for your iPad. I’m okay with word games, and I did buy Bebot.app for my iPhone, but all these ridiculous shooter games … I don’t care how novel the platform is. Soccer-playing zombies? Meh.

(5:31 Crap! I forgot to restart the timer.
Got distracted because I am leaving for the day.)


6:02 How can it take me 3 minutes 27 seconds to change clothes when I know what I’m going to put on?
Changing into workout clothes. I know it took 3:27 because I checked my 30-minute timer before I started.


6:34 It’s always too warm in here.
At Curves, in the middle of my workout. [Okay, so I wrote this one afterwards.]


7:07 6 yellows, I thought I did better than that.
Entering my workout into the computer. I worked harder than six yellows. The goal is all green.


7:38 Apple Store, here I come. Hmm, I’d better turn left up here.
Leaving the strip mall where I picked up cat and rabbit food, as well as some grocery store sushi for myself. I ate one piece. Excited to be heading over to get a new bumper for my iPhone after my old one wore out Saturday.

8:09 I could turn here but I always end up getting mixed up back here.
On my way to Menards to pick up an exterior light for my building. If we like it, we’ll get 17 more.

8:39 Man, University Avenue’s a mess!
Heading home. University Avenue’s all torn up because they’re laying the Twin Cities’ second light rail line down the middle of it.


9:11 These chopsticks probably poison me a little bit more every time I use them.
Finally eating my sushi with chopsticks made in China.


9:42 Should I face the glass with the gargoyle forward even though it’s a Ruination glass and I’ve got Arrogant Bastard?
Second to last important decision of the day. When I try a new beer, I take a “beauty shot” of it poured in a glass. Ruination is the same brand as Arrogant Bastard. I love the Ruination gargoyle, but I also like the slogan on the other side of the glass, “I’m bitter and I like it.” Internal debate is because Arrogant Bastard is a little bit hoppy, but it’s more malty, so it’s not bitter so the slogan isn’t exactly applicable, but of course it’s also not Ruination. I went with the slogan for the Arrogant Bastard.

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