Hangin??? at the Cooper

January 27, 2011


Maybe you don’t know what to expect when you walk into a new place for the first time, but thanks to Bizzy, some of the element of surprise is taken away with its recommendation engine. 

Bizzy already knew that I like Kieren’s Irish Pub, O’Donovan’s, and ADORE Brit’s Pub. So there was a good chance that I’d feel a kinship to the Cooper Pub & Restaurant which it recommended for me, and so I did. And that’s for two reasons, the second of which follows from the first.

I probably don’t need to admit it in public, but I am a bit of a beer nerd. The Cooper doesn’t have an extensive selection of beers but the ones they do have are good, and what’s more, they’ve managed to get branded glassware in the optimal shape that’s correct for enjoying each beer to the max. That thrills me! From a purely aesthetic perspective, I love drinking beer from a glass emblazoned with its own logo, and that these glasses are in various shapes designed to enhance your beer-drinking enjoyment of that particular variety (such as IPA or Pilsener or Stout) is a bonus. I appreciate that.

For those who need to know, the Cooper has Guinness Draught, Boddington’s, Newcastle, as well as local favorite Summit EPA, and several others on tap. They also stock at least five (yes, FIVE) varieties of Jameson Irish Whiskey. Turns out the Cooper is owned by Kieren, and Kieren is Jameson’s best customer in the US. Just like Minnesota is Bell’s best market for Two Hearted Ale, but I digress.

In addition to, and peripherally related to, the branded glassware is something I’ve notice from sitting at the bar. Every few barstools, there is a privacy divider. It’s lovely etched glass framed by darkly stained wood. And when you look at it more closely it’s—wait for it—IN THE SHAPE OF AN UPSIDE DOWN GUINNESS GLASS! None of the bartenders have been able to tell me if that’s intentional or not, and it doesn’t matter. I’m assuming it is!

Thus far, I’ve been there a little bit later in the evening. There is a happy hour menu and from that I can say that the mushroom and herb pizza, as well as the fish bites, are tasty options. But I’m mainly focused on beer.

The staff, in particular, bartender Casper on Monday nights, are eager to accommodate your needs. As British-style pubs in America go, this one is rather cavernous, but the service and selections make up for it, especially if you’ve never actually been to Great Britain.

Go to the Cooper! Or at least see where the Bizzy recommendation engine sends you. Chances are, it’ll work out as it did for me in Minneapolis!

Photo from The Cooper’s website.

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